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Ambrose, Joe Too Much Too Young
Amis, Martin The Information
Ballard, J.G. A User's Guide to the Millennium
Ballard, J.G. Kingdom Come
Banville, John Eclipse
Baxter, Greg A Preparation for Death
Banville, John The Untouchable
Black, Benjamin The Silver Swan
Bolger, Dermot The Valpariso Voyage
Browne, Ivor Music and Madness
Carey, Peter Theft: A Love Story
Carson, Ciaran The Alexandrine Plain
Cartwright, Justin To Heaven by Water
Cavafy, Constantine Selected Poems
Caveney, Graham The Priest they
Called Him
Collins, Dan Cannibals
Collins, Michael The Feminists
Go Swimming
Deane, Seamus Reading in the Dark
DeLillo, Don Point Omega
Donovan, Katie Entering The Mare
Doyle, Roddy A Star Called Henry
Dyer, Geoff Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi
Eagleton, Terry Crazy John and
the Bishop
Enright, Anne
What Are You Like?
Eugenides, Jeffery(ed) My Mistress's Sparrow Is Dead
Fallon, Brian An Age of Innocence
Greenlaw, Lavinia The Importance of Music to Girls
Greer, Andrew Sean The Confessions of Max Tivoli
Hamilton, Hugo Headbanger
Hand, Derek John Banville: Exploring Fictions
Haverty, Anne One Day as a Tiger
Hayes, Katy Curtains
Haythe, Justin The Honeymoon
Healy, Dermot Sudden Times
Healy, Dermot What The Hammer
Heaney, Seamus

Opened Ground

Hemon, Alexander Nowhere Man
Hensher, Philip The Mulberry Empire
Hollinghurst, Alan The Line of Beauty
Houellebecq, Michel Platform
Houellebecq, Michel Lanzarote
Houellebecq, Michel The Possiblity of an Island
Irving, David Goebbels: Mastermind
of the Third Reich
Ishiguro, Kazuo Never Let Me Go
Jeffares, A Norman Yeats: Man and Poet
Keegan, Claire Antartica
Kehoe, Denis Nights Beneath The Nation
Kelly, John The Little Hammer
Kelman, James You Have to be Careful in the Land of the Free
Kennedy, A.L. Paradise
Kennedy, A.L. Day
Kiely, Benedict Collected Short Stories
Kilroy, Claire Tenderwire
MacLaverty, Bernard Grace Notes
Mantel, Hilary Beyond Black
Marcus, David (ed) Phoenix: Irish
Short Stories 1997
Martin, Emer Breakfast in Babylon
McCabe, Eugene Tales From
The Poorhouse
McCabe, Pat Breakfast on Pluto
McCabe, Pat Winterwood
McCann, Colum Everything in
This Country Must
McCann, Colum This Side of Brightness
McCloskey, Molly Solomon's Seal
McCormack, Mike Notes From a Coma
McDermott, Alice Charming Billy
McGahern, John That They May Face
The Rising Sun
McKinney, Blanaid Big Mouth
McNamee, Eoin The Blue Tango
Melissa P. One Hundred Strokes of
the Brush Before Bed
Merris, Mark man about town
Mitchell, David Cloud Atlas
Moncrieff, Sean Dublin
Morrissy, Mary The Pretender
Nicholson, William The Society of Others
Ni Dhuibhne, Eilis The Dancers Dancing
Ni Dhuibhne, Eilis The Inland Ice
Nolan, Christopher The Banyan Tree
Oates, Joyce Carol Faithless
O'Connor, Joseph The Salesman
O'Driscoll, Dennis Troubled Thoughts,
Majestic Dreams
O'Reilly, Sean Watermark
Pierre, D.B.C. Ludmila’s Broken English
Pratschke, Sheila (ed.) Annaghmakerrig
Pynchon, Thomas Against the Day
Scannell, Donal and Champion, Sarah(eds) Shenanigans Anthology
Self, Will The Book of Dave
Sinclair, Iain Edge of the Orison
Smith, Ali The Accidental
Stallworthy, John Louis MacNiece
Swift, Graham The Light of Day
Toibin, Colm (ed) The Penguin Book
of Irish Fiction
Toibin, Colm The Blackwater Lightship
Trevor, William The Hill Bachelors
Tyaransen, Olaf The Story of O: The
Autobiography of an Irish Outlaw
Updike, John Licks of Love
Vlautin, Willy Northline
Vlautin, Willy Lean On Pete
Wall, William Alice Falling
Wall, William The Map ofTenderness
Wall, William This is the Country
Watkins, Paul The Forger
Wilber, Ken A Brief History
of Everything
Winterson, Jeanette The Power Book
Xianliang, Zhang My Bodhi Tree
Furst, Josuha and Packer, Z.Z.

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