Gillian, Terry - Twelve Monkeys

Girard, Francois - The Red Violin

Jordan, Neil - The End of the Affair

Leigh, Mike - Secrets and Lies

Lynch, David - Lost Highway

Lynch, David - The Straight Story

Lynch, David - Mulholland Drive

Murphy, Pat - Nora

McKenzie - When The Sky Falls

Pakula, Alan - The Devil's Own

Payne, Alexander - About Schmidt

Roos, Don - The Opposite of Sex

Roth, Tim - The War Zone

Russel, Charles - Eraser

Schnabel, Julian - Basquait

Softley, Ian - The Wings of the Dove

Sonnenfeld, Barry - Get Shorty

Stembridge, Gerry - About Adam

Tucker, Anand - Hilary & Jackie

Sant, Gus Van - Good Will Hunting

Wenders, Wim- The End of Violence

Wong, Wayne - Blue in the Face


Beckett on Film

How was it for you? - Fiction writers' experiences in the film industry

Jordan, Neil - Michael Collins Press Conference

Nationalisms-Visors and Revisors, Conference report on Irish history in film at the Irish Film Centre

Toronto Film Festival 2000 #1

Toronto Film Festival 2000 #2

Warhol, Andy - A look at recent filmic representations of the artist

Warhol, Andy - Taking Time or Wasting It?









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