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The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn by CocoRosie (Touch and Go)

Antony also turns up on Paris/New York residents Bianca and Sierra Casady’s third offering, on closer ‘Miracle’, while Bianca’s erstwhile boyfriend, Devendra Banhart, contributes the song ‘Houses’. The girls would probably not fight shy of admitting a Bjork influence, merging as they do opera and hip hop. Indeed, although recorded in the south of France, the album was finished in Reykjavik under the direction of Björk/Bonnie Prince Billy producer Valgeir Sigurdsson, who has given a cleaner finish to the (un)usual confection of found sounds, folk-blues, trip-hop and girlish pop. Not that the whimsy doesn’t also carry over into moments of uncanny scariness, in the best tradition of fairytale, with the street-smart hip-hop contributions of Bianca somehow the perfect foil for trained opera singer Sierra’s dulcet tones. In the mash up, themes common to both genres – love, death, vengeance, hubris and fantasy – murkily emerge. Tasty.

First published in Magill magazine, October/November 2007

















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