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A Certain Ratio

A Certain Ratio’s (Village, March 10th) Martin Moscrop tells me that his band no longer play gigs to earn a living, they only do them if promoters ask them to. Consequently, while they have some new tunes, they are not touring a new album. “We do mix the old stuff with the new stuff, just to keep the fans sweet.” Though a product of Manchester's late ’70s punk scene, the band used an increasing amount of electronics throughout the ’80s to become more of a dancefloor-oriented band, much like one-time Factory label-mates New Order. “But there’re no computers on the new stuff, and less electronics.” All the more surprising, given Martin’s reputation as something of a studio whiz. When I quiz him about the past, he says he is very proud of being from Manchester, and the collegiate ethos that prevails among the city’s musical fraternity. He also confirms Factory boss Tony Wilson’s ad man summation of A Certain Ratio. “It’s true, we did dress better than Joy Division.”

First published in Magill, March 2007















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